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October 09, 2008


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Catherine Scholz

LadyFest was such a great event, thanks to you and Jesse Locks, Elisa Parker, and all the excellent workshops and performers.

Hope to partner with you again in the future!

-Catherine Scholz

Amber Magnolia

Lovely lovely post Sasha. You tied so many elements together and made it all so enjoyable and seemlessly beautiful. Glad you're back :-)


That sounds like it was so fun. And I love the wonder woman too. She's my favorite!

:::::::::::: wife mom maniac ::::::::::::

wow, how kick ass that it all worked out so well!

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Don’t stop blogging! It’s nice to read a sane commentary for once


I could not have said it any better man!!! keep up the awesome work my friend. You are very talented & I pray that I can write as good as you someday

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